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  • our development and manufacturing processes complies with the latest quality standards
  • we deliver reproducible products with minimum production tolerances
  • you can choose from a wide range of HeraGel formulations
  • we work together with you to develop customized formulations based on your specific requirements
  • we manufacture according to your formulations and can also rework and improve them at your request

(After) Sales Service

  • we respond quickly and flexibly to your needs
  • we manage your product information file (PIF)
  • we handle CPNP notification for you
  • we stock your items (both customer orders and finished products), thus ensuring short delivery times
  • we handle export services worldwide

Production, (jar) filling & packing

  • you choose the production depth, from bulk material to shelf-ready products
  • we supply bulk material from quantities of 1,000 g
  • for quantities from 2,000 g per product we will fill products into our standard packaging or your own packaging, no matter what the filling volume is
  • we seal your products or protect them using safeguard discs
  • we can manufacture customized items up to shelf ready products
  • we provide support during the design process for your products
Development and production know-how, is the important aspect of high-quality nail products!
We are also pleased to fill-up your individual jars.
min. order quantity 5 g jar 15 g jar 30 g jar 50 g jar
2.000 g ca. 400 pcs. ca. 133 pcs. ca. 66 pcs. ca. 40 pcs.
5.000 g ca. 1.000 pcs. ca. 333 pcs. ca. 166 pcs. ca. 100 pcs.
10.000 g ca. 2.000 pcs. ca. 666 pcs. ca. 333 pcs. ca. 200 pcs.
20.000 g ca. 4.000 pcs. ca. 1.333 pcs. ca. 666 pcs. ca. 4.000 pcs.