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Kerasys LC - Applications

For perfect results

The use of the Kerasys® LC system significantly contributes to lowering product reject rate thanks to the ease with which it can be applied and thanks to its competitive price.
Repairs with Kerasys® are highly effective because of:
  • former damages are nearly invisible
  • the repair process takes less time
  • low material and processing costs
  • the easy application method – no prior knowledge required
  • the possibility of individual coloured repair material is given
  • no strain by second firing
Kerasys® LC is a "must” in terms of microeconomics, and combines cost reduction with increases in quality!
  • Increases productivity
  • Does not require additional investments or personnel
  • Increases production capacities and does not require a second firing
  • Reduces substandard goods-> reduces disposal costs
  • Significantly increases product quality
Kerasys® LC is optimal to integrate in your production process!

Features & advantages

Low costs, individual shade, easy to apply


The perfect color

... to strike the right shade


Step by step application

Cleaning, preparation, applying, finish