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Cerâmica Sanitária

Kerasys® LC is a light curing repair system for sanitary ceramics and porcelain - fast, easy and cost-effective.
Kerasys® LC is used to repair defects such as bubbles or black spots created during manufacture, and minor damage incurred during storage, transportation and assembly, achieving excellent results and making the former damage nearly invisible. The Kerasys® LC system has formed an integral part of the production processes of many well-known sanitary ceramic manufacturers across the world for more than 20 years and significantly contributes to lowering product reject rates thanks to the ease with which it can be applied and thanks to its competitive price.
One system – many advantages
In addition to being used in the ceramic industry, Kerasys® LC is also used by many restorers and porcelain manufacturers. For the service business the Kerasys® LC System is available as a “Sanitary Kit”. This “Kit” contains a selection of all necessary components to repair already built-in objects.
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